How to handle stress

Look up Luke 10:38-42. Stress is the state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from abuse or very demanding circumstances. Stress can come in the form or work, marriage, kids, finances, or anniversaries of specifics dates in one’s life. The first step in properly handling it is to […] Read more »

Success part 5

Look up Philippians 3:13-14. The final step in being successful in life is to be disciplined. Unfortunately, we can not just do whatever we want to do if we plan to be successful. In the same way that all sports teams have to follow a proper diet and practice, we […] Read more »

Success part 4

Look up Philippians 3:13-14. In verse 14 it mentions that one way to be successful is to be determined to not quit regardless of what happens. We all need to make up our minds to do what we need to do for Christ. Our resolve should be to please Christ […] Read more »

Success part 3

Look up Philippians 3:13-14. We also need to watch out for those distractions that will keep us from our goals. Friends, careers, people at work, and money are not necessarily wrong, but if they are hindering us from reaching our spiritual goals, we need to reprioritize what we are doing. […] Read more »

Success part 2

Look up Philippians 3:13-14. In verse 13, it mentions that another way to be successful is to set goals. In the same sense that a soccer player has a goal to reach, we should set goals for ourselves spiritually and work to reach those goals. Read more »


Look up Philippians 3:13-14. Deep down, every one of us want to be a winner and be successful at something. Paul tells us how to do this. In verse 12, it states the first goal: to be dissatisfied. In the same sense that sports champions are always wanting more championships, […] Read more »


Look up Mark 16:15. Here and many other places in the Bible we are commanded to go tell others about Christ and what He did for us. We need to be sharing the gospel with others frequently. Read more »


Look up 1 John 5:14. When we plant a seed in our gardens, do we get discouraged the very next day when we don’t see any growth? Do we walk away and abandon our garden altogether? No, of course not, yet there are so many times that we will stop praying […] Read more »

Sanctification part 16

In conclusion to this series, if we are living a sanctified life, we will have earthly and heavenly rewards. Look up 1 Timothy 4:8 and Matthew 16:27. Living a Godly life is always profitable, on earth and in Heaven. Read more »

Sanctification part 15

There are rewards of us being sanctified. For one, our lives will be more productive and will display faithfulness and fruitfulness.  Look up 2 Peter 1:2-10. In verse 2 it mentions that our grace and peace will be multiplied. In verse 3 it mentions that we will know the sufficiency […] Read more »