Spiritual Armor part 13

Anither way that God equips us to defeat Satan’s attacks is through our faith in God or our certainty. Look up Ephesians 6:16. Our faith in God provides a shield that protects us from Satan’s fiery darts. Without this shield of faith, we will easily fall victim to the methods […] Read more »

Spiritual Armor part 12

God equips us to be victorious over Satan’s attacks through His peace or tranquility. Look up Ephesians 6:15 and John 14:27. The soldier’s footwear provided stability and protection on the path that they would travel. God is telling us that He will provide that same stability and protection in our […] Read more »

Spiritual Armor part 11

Another way that God equips us to be victorious is with righteousness or purity. Look up Ephesians 6:14. Putting on God’s righteousness is our personal responsibility. When we obey God’s Word, we are putting on His righteousness. These righteous deeds are very powerful to defend us against Satan’s attacks. Look […] Read more »

Spiritual Armor part 10

One way that God equips us to be victorious is with the truth or through integrity. Look up Ephesians 6:14. Girding one’s loins is a sign of being prepared for service to the Lord. Truth, like the belt that girded the clothing of a soldier, enables us to be prepared […] Read more »

Spiritual Armor part 9

We need to be aware that Satan can enlist evil and wicked spiritual powers to help him. Look up Ephesians 6:11-12. We must recognize that we face a powerful, spiritual hierarchy of evil, supernatural beings that exercise great influence over the earth. We also need to realize that God does […] Read more »

Spiritual Armor part 8

Satan will attack our identity. Look up Matthew 4:3, 6. Immediately after Jesus’ identity as the Son of God was affirmed in Matthew 3:17, Satan, on two occasions, questioned His identity in an attempt to prevent Him from fulfilling His purpose. The battle for our personal identity in Christ is […] Read more »

Spiritual Armor part 7

Satan’s strategies are predictable. He is a liar. Look up John 8:44. Satan can plant seeds of thought into our minds that are seeds of lies and depectiveness. Look up 1 Chronicles 21:1. He is an accuser. Look up Revelation 12:10. Satan accuses us to God, God to us, us […] Read more »

Spiritual Armor part 6

When Satan tried to “sift” Peter, Satan was referring to his desire to reduce him to pieces. This would result in the lost of Peter’s effectiveness for the Lord and also great personal harm. We can never let down our guard. His attacks are designed to take advantage of our […] Read more »

Spiritual Armor part 5

Satan has a specific strategy to defeat us. His attacks always follow a pattern. First of all, they are consistent. Look up 1 Peter 5:8 and Luke 22:31.  Satan’s attacks are always relentless and without mercy. Read more »

Spiritual Armor part 4

Look up Matthew 4:8-9. Finally, we need spiritual armor because of the enemy that we can see… the world. The world represents those things and/or influences that would distract us from God’s will for our lives. The Devil attempted to influence Jesus to act based upon that which was “desirable […] Read more »