I lost my charge part 3

Look up Psalm 51:1-12. If we lost our phone charger, we would start telling others to find out if we could borrow their’s. In the same sense, if we can see that someone is drained, we should pray for them and go encourage them. Look up Proverbs 15:22 and Proverbs […] Read more »

I lost my charge part 2

Look up Mark 9:15 and Mark 5:1-6. When someones phone dies, they’ll probably go buy a new charger, borrow someone’s, or sit in the corner with it plugged in. Would we do the same for Christ? We should be willing to go witness to that person sitting in the corner, […] Read more »

I lost my charge

Look up Psalms 51:1-12. We all have had our phone’s battery die, or had it close to being dead, and yet we didn’t have a charger. We all started to panic at that point and start asking others for their charger or changing our settings to make the battery last […] Read more »

Loving the Master part 2

Look up Exodus 21:1-5. When a person gets saved, they now have a master. In Philippians 4:19, it mentions that Jesus provides our strength, love, and support. In Matthew 5:13-16, He gives us a purpose. In Provers 3:5-6, He handles our problems. When we love our Master, it will be […] Read more »

Loving the Master

Look up Exodus 21:1-5. It is amazing how we get infatuated with people in our lives that have never been there when we needed them. Our Master has provided food, shelter, clothing, and security for us. He gave us a reason to live and something to do while we are […] Read more »

Where did my heart go

Look up Exodus 20:15. Many times in life, things just seem to slip away. Our money, time, and spirituallity can lose their importance to us if we’re not careful. Look up Proverbs 4:23. We need to guard against the wrong kind of friends, TV, social media, good people that dominate […] Read more »

How to handle stress part 5

Look up Luke 10:38-42. Another way to reduce the stress in our life is to prepare our children for the future and for their future ministry. According to 1 Timothy 5:8 we should prepare with our spouse too. Get life insurance, health insurance, and a will. We should prepare ourselves […] Read more »

How to handle stress part 4

Look up Luke 10:38-42 and Luke 14:28. One reason that we stress out is because of a lack of organization and preparation on our part. A lack of preparation on our own part should not be an emergency on another’s part. We need to prepare even in the smaller everyday […] Read more »

How to handle stress part 4

Look up Luke 10:38-42. The best way to handle stress is to prepare for the future and what you know will happen. Look up Luke 14:28. Preparation was something that many did in the Bible. In Genesis chapter one, God was preparing for the future, Noah prepared for the flood, […] Read more »

How to handle stress part 3

Look up Luke 10:38-42. Some of our stress that we have is brought on by ourselves. When we don’t finish our list of things to get done, when the job seems too big, when we think that we are the only one working, or doing things that we think don’t […] Read more »