Spiritual Armor part 3

Another reason that we need spiritual armor is that we have an unseen enemy, the Devil himself. Look up Matthew 4:6. The Devil attempted to influence Jesus Christ to do the will of the Devil rather than the will of the Father. Look up 1 Peter 5:8 and James 4:7. […] Read more »

Spiritual Armor part 2

Before we go in depth on the topic of our spiritual armor, we need to discuss why we need it. One reason is that there is an enemy within… our own flesh. Look up Matthew 4:2-3. The flesh is the natural impulse to satisfy our selfish, sinful desires. The Devil […] Read more »

Spiritual Armor part 1

The Christian life is a battle from the spiritual cradle to the grave. Satan’s attacks are specific, direct, and relentless. There is danger of becoming a casualty in the battle of spiritual warfare. God shows us in Scripture our protection to prevent Satan from winning the conflict. He has also […] Read more »


Look up Hebrews 13:5. We all have heard someone say that they won’t serve the Lord because of hypocritical people. But people will always dissapoint us in some way because of our sin nature. In Exodus chapter 1, the Israelites were disappointed in the government that was supposed to protect […] Read more »

Stoping rumors part 7

Look up Ephesians 5:12. There are six things that we should do if we find out that a rumor is being spread about us. One, we shouldn’t go around trying to tell everyone that the rumor is not true. That makes us look worried and guilty. Two, we need to […] Read more »

Stoping rumors part 6

Look up Ephesians 5:12 and Philippians 4:8. One of the easiest ways to stop rumors from being spread is to make sure that our own conversations are of good report. If we follow this rule, we will never be known as a gossip or busybody. We should stop speaking so […] Read more »

Stopping rumors part 5

Look up Ephesians 5:12. Another way to stop rumors is to keep our conversations lovely. An informal definition of lovely is something that is very pleasing and delightful. We should leave our conversations feeling better than when we started. Too many times we like to talk about negative things and […] Read more »

Stopping rumors part 4

Ephesians 5:12 “For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.”  We need to make sure that everything that we say is pure! Many teenagers and even adults talk very impure. We should avoid talk of holding hands, kissing, hugging  or […] Read more »

Stopping rumors part 3

Look up 1 Timothy 4:12.  When a person comes talking to us, we should ask ourselves if they are just. How many times have we ever had someone tell us that they were going to stop being someone’s friend because of one bad thing?  How many times have we ever […] Read more »

Stopping rumors part 2

Look up Phillipians 4:8. Use wisdom to find out if the person is being honest with you. We need to find people that we trust. Unfortunately there are some people who just want to stir up trouble, and we need to have the wisdom to not be close friends with […] Read more »