The Ferrari Family
Missionaries to Argentina
“Walking into Spring Creek Baptist Church for the first time was an amazing experience! You could sense the love that they had for missionaries, but more importantly, the love they had for God. Seeing the love that they had for their Pastor and the Word of God was amazing. Our goal is to plant churches in Argentina that love God, their Pastor and Missionaries as much as SCBC does.”
The Porterfield Family
Missionaries to South Sudan
“When I think of Spring Creek Baptist Church, two words come to mind: “vision” and “faith.” Pastor Watford and the vision the Lord has given him is a breath of fresh air for men in our generation who are wanting to accomplish great things for the Lord Jesus Christ. The church body at Spring Creek Baptist is living out their faith, seeing people saved in their community, baptizing converts, discipling people, and looking to train people for the Lord’s service. This is a solid, strong church on the move for the Lord who is exercising faith by reaching their community and beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”
The Shook Family
Missionaries to Thailand
“I am thankful for the partnership we have had with Spring Creek Baptist over the years. God has used your faithful giving to increase the harvest here in Thailand. Every week, we are continuing to see folks saved in this land of idolatry and false religion. God has allowed us to continue opening churches, training young people, and serving Him even during this time of political unrest and instability. God is in control and we trust in Him and count on your prayers and support to continue the work.”
The Houser Family
Missionaries to Philippines
“We really enjoyed our time with your friendly church family at Spring Creek Baptist Church. Your love for the Lord and His mission to save lost souls was so evident. It has been very encouraging to stay in contact with your church by way of Pastor Watford’s updates and prayer letters. As you move ahead for the Lord in Seven Springs, by God’s grace, we will continue to do the same in our part of the world. We are happy to partner with your church in obeying the Great Commission here in the Philippines.”
The Vong Family
Missionaries to Cambodia, Southeast Asia
“It was truly a blessing to be able to come and present our ministry to reach Cambodia with the members of SCBC. There’s no doubt that the Lord is using Pastor Watford and the dear people of SCBC to reach their Jerusalem with the Gospel. Our family was privileged to be in attendance on a Wednesday service and the auditorium was packed with people–even after a thunderstorm. The church was filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Not only were they thrilled to see and hear about the Lord Jesus being proclaimed in the uttermost, but they were excited to reach out where they are at there in their hometown. I anticipate seeing what the Lord will do through this lighthouse in Seven Springs for His Glory!”
The Holmes Family
Missionaries to Nigeria
“The first thing I noticed from my long drive on Sunday afternoon was how many cars were turning in to this little country church a ways off the beaten path. Everyone I met was very kind and welcoming; as we got closer to the time to start, there was a growing “buzz” of happy people fellowshipping together seemingly in expectation of God being in their midst during the service. What followed during the singing, praying, and preaching was a spirit of excitement from a pastor who obviously loves His God and enjoys the service of His people.”
The Baraty Family
Missionaries to Ethiopia
“I felt hospitality by the Pastor and church. During our meeting together, the Lord allowed me to both be a blessing and to be blessed by SCBC while sharing the ministry for Ethiopia. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be a missionary, and I consider it a great honor and tremendous responsibility to represent your church in Ethiopia. I pray that I will be a good steward of your support, and I desire to see “fruit that may abound to your account” (Philippians 4:17). May many souls be saved because of your investment in missions! I’m excited about the partnership we share in reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!”
Karl Ogdie
“Thank you for making us a part of your Missions family. We will endeavor to keep you informed as to the work God is doing through our ministry. Thank you Pastor Watford for your dedication to your Lord and your people. Keep up the good work!”
The Francini Family
Missionaries to Deaf
“Spring Creek Baptist Church is a place our family will always feel welcomed! It was nice to come back after several months not only to have people thank us for coming again, but also to inquire about our deputation. The friendly atmosphere and great spirit of this church makes it a wonderful place to be. What a tremendous feeling to be able to feel loved and to know there are continuous prayers for our family!”
The Wood Family
Missionaries to Cambodia
“A couple of things about Spring Creek Baptist Church stood out to me during our visits. First, was the number of newly saved people filling the congregation. It is exciting to see God saving people then adding them to His church. Second, was hearing the testimony of the people in the church about how they have grown closer to the Lord while at Spring Creek. Hearing them glorify the Lord was a blessing!”
The Files Family
Missionaries to Thailand
“This past February, I had the privilege of preaching Spring Creek Baptist Church’s Missions Conference. What a joy to be in a church that’s moving forward for Christ. The services were packed out every night and there was a great spirit among the people. It is obvious that they love missionaries and have a desire go reach the world with the gospel. Thank you so much for partnering with us as we try to reach Thailand with the gospel. I pray that we will be able to win much fruit to your account.”
The McIntosh Family
Missionaries to Belize
“Thank you Spring Creek Baptist! We are grateful for the opportunity to represent you all in Belize, Central America. We enjoyed the time spent with the team from the church. We feel that great things were accomplished and will be accomplished because of your sacrifices for the ministry. We are in the process now of replacing all the windows at Bullet Tree Baptist. Our people are proud of the freshly painted facilities, the new windows, and the special friends they made from SCBC.”
The Elrod Family
Missionaries to India
“Our travels on deputation have taken us to several places, but few like Spring Creek Baptist Church. There is such an excitement as soon as you walk into the doors of the church with people all around looking for ways to serve the Lord. We were truly blessed by our time together and look forward to partnering with SCBC in the years to come.”
The Sanabria Family
Missionaries to Colombia
“Spring Creek Baptist Church, you have blown us away with your kindness and generosity. We enjoyed getting to know you all and it was such a breath of fresh air to be warmly welcomed by everyone. Thank you for having a loving heart and a burning compassion for the world. It’s churches like you who encourage us to keep going and doing our job overseas because we know that while we are working and serving in our field, you are also laboring hard to reach yours. Mariangela and I are truly grateful for everything you have done. Thank you for allowing God to use you to bless and minister to missionaries like us.”
The McTague Family
Missionaries to Canada
“We enjoyed our recent visit to Spring Creek Baptist Church. I have known Pastor Watford for a number of years now. It was a blessing to see God’s blessings on the church. The people were genuinely excited to be there and were thrilled to be a part of the church’s program. We felt welcome and blessed to be a part of their missions family to reach the world for Christ together.”
The Bergey Family
Missionaries to South Africa’s Orphans
“We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Spring Creek Baptist Church. It is so exciting as a missionary to be able to see how God is working first hand in churches just like and including Spring Creek Baptist Church. We are thankful to be counted as one of ‘your missionaries’. We look forward to hearing what God is doing here and likewise reporting to you what God is doing in South Africa.”
The Miyashita Family
Missionaries to Japan
“Spring Creek Baptist Church is a church with a heart to reach people the the Gospel. Pastor Watford not only has a wonderful personality, but a caring heart for those around him. Thank you for what you’re doing to spread the truth! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!”
The Gazaway Family
Missionaries to India
“It’s an honor and privilege to be an extension of the Spring Creek Baptist Church family as we carry the gospel to the People of India. Your generosity, hospitality, and accommodations are always a breath of fresh air for the traveling missionary family. Thank you for your vision, kindness, and labor as you advance the name of Christ in North Carolina and the regions beyond. We’re excited to see what God is doing at the SCBC and rejoice to know you are holding the ropes for our family!”
The Ward Family
Missionaries to the Middle East and West Africa
“We are so thrilled to be a part of Spring Creek Baptist Church’s Missions Outreach. Your kindness & hospitality plus your generosity has Blessed and helped us in “bringing us on our journey” for our Savior. Thank you for your compassion & vision to win Souls and establish Churches in the Middle East & West Africa. It is a joy to see how God is using your church in your area & as an example to others around the world. God Bless you all for what you do for Christ. “
The Payton Family
Missionaries to Nicaragua
“We were able to be with SCBC on a very special Sunday under the tent where we took part in seeing this church reach out to more people in one week than others reach out to in a year! What a blessing! What an encouragement to missionaries that churches like Spring Creek still care about souls around the corner and around the world! Thank you for allowing us to represent your church doing its part to reach Nicaragua for Christ!”

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