The Parker Family
“We are so happy to be members of Spring Creek Baptist Church! Being military, we consider the church our family away from home. It is awesome to be part of such a loving church, to hear the Word of God preached unapologetically and straight-forward, and to fellowship and grow spiritually each week with people who truly love the Lord. If you are interested in a church full of love, truth, and service for the Lord, SCBC is the place for you!”
The Jones's
The Jones Family‏
“Spring Creek Baptist is as much home to us as our own home, God has blessed us with a great church and church family. I enjoy serving in our church and encourage others to do the same. Jesus came to serve not to be served. That’s why my wife and I strive to have a servant’s heart. We love to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus for all the things he has done for us.”
The Wood Family
“Spring Creek Baptist Church is a place of new beginnings. It is where I got saved, it is where my wife and I met and were married, and it’s where our son was dedicated. It is also a place were new friendships are formed. It is a place that brings families closer together. These are just a few of the many reasons that we make Spring Creek Baptist Church our home and why it means so much to us.”
Billy and Dixie
The Carter Family
“It is an honor to be a member here at Spring Creek Baptist Church. God has blessed Billy and me with the opportunity to serve Him in so many ways.
We enjoy singing praises to Him, going on church visitation, supporting our pastor in all he does, and being there for our church family when needed.”
The McAllister Family
The McAllister Family
“Spring Creek Baptist Church has brought about a renewing of our faith and family; bringing us all closer together in our Christian walk. It is always a joy to go church with our family and friends to learn about our Savior.”
The Chilcote Family
“Our family moved here to Seymour Johnson AFB in the summer of 2014, but we didn’t find Spring Creek Baptist Church until 2016. We wish we had found it sooner! Being in the military, it’s hard to be away from family, but the church has been such a blessing to us and has become our family here! We look forward to continuing our walk with the Lord alongside this wonderful group of believers!”